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Text A Tip

(614) 636-2478

Aloha, my name is Officer Laga from the Maui Police Department, and I am your Child's School Resource Officer (SRO). With the support of our principal, Mr. Keoni Wilhelm, I am pleased to inform you that we will be launching a new program with our school system. This program is called "Text-A-Tip".


This program will allow students to use their cell phone during non-instructional periods to text and report issues such as bullying, depression, fights, violations, crimes and any threats relating to campus safety. The text will be confidential, students can report a problem without the fear of being labeled a "snitch", "rat", "narc", or "tattletale" by their peers. Posters will be placed in your students classroom and all common areas throughout campus. Our Main goal is to make our campus a safer place for your student to learn.




Officer Laga

School Resource Officer (MPD)

  • Tips are CONFIDENTIAL, not anonymous.

  • Texts can be traced (to reduce pranks)

  • Tipsters may receive follow-up texts for more details or clarification

  • This is a "Tip Line" only

  • If there is an actual emergency that requires immediate law enforcement, call 911