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Purpose, Mission & Vision


The purpose of BHS is to develop the whole student to positively contribute to the global community.


The mission of BHS is to develop a community of learners who have the competence and confidence to achieve personal goals and who are responsible stewards of our global community.


Vision (abridged)

  • Curriculum is rigorous, relevant, standards based, and integrates use of technology. Curriculum and assessments are aligned.
  • The curriculum is horizontally and vertically aligned to the standards.
  • Literacy and Standards for Mathematical Practices (SMPs) are integrated in all content areas.
  • Instruction is aligned to the Standards.
  • Instruction is scaffolded to reach clearly defined daily learning objectives aligned with driving question(s) and final outcome(s).
  • Instruction is differentiated to address needs of students.
  • High impact, research based instructional strategies are used.
  • Instruction is rigorous and relevant.
  • Instruction integrates 21st Century Learning skills and knowledge.
  • All assessments are aligned to the Standards (Common Core, HCPS III, CTE, National/Industry, GLO’s & 21st century skills)
  • Different types of assessments are used to measure student learning and promoting student growth and improvement.
  • Assessments used for screening purposes are equitable and transparent.
  • Formative/Summative assessments are used to inform instruction.
  • Formative and summative data informs departmental or school wide decisions and actions.
  • Students use assessment data to reflect upon and drive their own learning.
Learning Environment
  • All stakeholders work towards building positive relationships.
  • All stakeholders collaborate constructively for continuous school improvement.
  • All stakeholders act ethically and responsibly to implement school-wide expectations.
  • All stakeholders promote a nurturing learning environment where all can actively engage in the learning process.