Student of the Month


Kahāmauloa is the name of the new student recognition program. that means “the everlasting breath”. It connects to the HĀ initiative that the department of education wants all schools in the state to embrace.

The nomination and voting process:

  1. The teacher and students will nominate one student from each advisory that best portrays the characteristics of the word of the month

  2. The teacher and students will then take a few minutes to create a sentence or two that explains how the nominated student exemplifies the word (a sentence is required for the voting process. If there is no sentence the student will not be put onto the ballot)

  3. The nominated students will then be put onto a ballot and students will vote during the next advisory class

  4. Advisory students will vote for two students in their grade level that they believe best fits the word of the month.

  5. The student with the highest amount of votes will win. Each class (FR, SO, JR, SR) will have one winner each month.

September's Word of the Month

  1. Please nominate for a student who you feel display's the word "Malama" on this Nomination Form

  2. Voting for the Student of the Month will follow

  3. The winner will be acknowledged with a certificate and a Baldwin mask!

  4. Photo's will be posted on this website and BHS social media.