Commencement Exercises

High School graduation is a major event for every student and his or her family. It is the largest academic event at BHS and is planned and organized by students with oversight by faculty advisors. The Class of 2022's Graduation Ceremony will be held on May 20, 2022.

Feel free to contact a Graduation Advisor (Marci Nakagawa, Donna Vierra, Shannon Alueta or Tia Medeiros) for more information.


Shannon Alueta

Graduation Advisor

πŸ“ž 727-3230 πŸ“¨

Tiara Medeiros

Graduation Advisor

πŸ“ž 727-3139 πŸ“¨

Marci Nakagawa

Graduation Advisor

πŸ“ž 727-3142 πŸ“¨

Donna Vierra

Graduation Advisor

πŸ“ž 727-3192 πŸ“¨

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2022 Graduation Committee - Seniors


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